Michelle A. Morin

Blending Energy, Embracing Life

The Core Alignment™ Principle & Practice
The 4th Tone™ Approach to Life & Healing

“Learning to uncover the essence beneath the expectation; in the coming together of our humanness and our divinity; we experience the reality, the grit and the grandeur of our human, holy selves.”

— Michelle A. Morin

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 Core Alignment & 4th Tone Approach principled workshops, coaching programs and healing sessions are offered for individuals, groups, small businesses, Holistic Healing students & practitioners.


The Core Alignment™ Principle

The Core Alignment™ Principle is the expression of the deep, innate truth residing within us and how our personal embodiment of that truth (the Divine Mind within) is organically aligned with Universal Truth.

This balance, between self and the wholeness of life, is the set-point of our inner knowing. Tapping into and utilizing understanding at this level frees up a system from long-held limiting beliefs and blocks.

Core Alignment is the celebration of our humanness, the vehicle for empowering our choices, the challengingly-simple answer to the question, what is my role, and the potentiality for honoring the gifts and graces, foibles and eccentricities of the answer.

The 4th Tone™ Approach

The 4th Tone™ Approach is the road-map to The Core Alignment Principle, the structural foundation into which our one of a kind, unique to the individual characteristics are plugged.

The 4th Tone is simply the truest expression of yourself in relation to the experience you receive in and from your environment; the events on your life’s journey and from the world at large. A balance between the input and outlay of energy, Genetics and Epigenetics, Nature and Nurture.

An outline for self-awareness that, once applied, can assist an individual, group or system to more clearly see what is needed and necessary for internal balance and growth.

Purpose & Mission Statement

To be a vehicle of sustainable change and loving service; awakening and empowering the innate potential of the individual, group or community; in alignment with, and explored through the Principles & Practices of Core Alignment & The 4th Tone Approach; honoring unique abilities, gifts and graces; uncovering the organic, Inside-Out expression of ‘YES’!

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PEACEMARKS™ are a collection of 500+ different bookmarks, each with a quote and a photo or combination of photos from my personal collection.

PEACEMARKS were birthed in the mid 1980’s as a means for sharing with friends and family my love of inspirational quotes (with an artistic flare). As the creative thread and the catalog grew I began to carry PEACEMARKS with me and share them — with practice members, fellow attendees at conferences and seminars, on my travels, large and small, whenever the Spirit moved me to reach out!

In the months immediately following the events of September 11th, PEACEMARKS (and their close cousin, CHIROMARKS) went through a brief but intense re-birth and nearly 5,000 were distributed.

Autumn 2017 marked the 30th Anniversary of a simple, inspired idea for a more peaceful world brought to life. In those 30 years more than 10,000 PEACEMARKS have traveled to 24+ countries (that I am aware of).

Many changes have occurred to PEACEMARKS over the years yet one thing has remained true to the original vision, a sampling of PEACEMARKS™ is given Free of Charge, to anyone who feels called to share them with their friends, practice members, seminar participants, or on their journey through life.

To learn more or to request a sample packet to share please see the PEACEMARKS™ page.

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About Michelle A. Morin

A Holistic, Hands-on and Energetic Healer, Author and Educator based in New England, Michelle has been in practice, throughout the world, since 1989.  In 2001 Michelle founded The Core Alignment™ Practice and The 4th Tone™ Approach to Life & Healing. Michelle’s work is multi-dimensional, hard to categorize, yet intensely palpable in the physical, emotional, and spiritual changes that occur in the lives of the people she serves.