The Core Alignment™ Principle & Practice

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The Core Alignment™ Principle & Practice are foundational tools for consciously choosing to live a life that that is connected, congruent, and expresses clear intention from its essence (our Soul knowledge of Truth).  Core Alignment is the embodiment of that Truth — an integration and assimilation of the essence of knowing from Head-Heart-Center as it aligns with Universal Truth.

The Core Alignment™ Principle is the simple, not always easy, understanding that when we fully acknowledge, embrace, integrate and evolve into a clearer understanding of ourselves we begin to live a life based on our highest values and deepest desires.  Uncovering our innately held (Core) interpretation and perspective of our role in life and the resulting effects of each choice we make.

This increased awareness, the embodiment of the Truth of our Truth, is a pivotal point for shifting our neural pathways and outward expressions from those of fight, flee or freeze to a more balanced, flowing sense of ease, organically bringing us into a state of Inside-Out Alignment.

The main thing I got from our amazing sessions together is that I have to define my own path — it’s up to me to tune in and be aware of what the next right step might be and how the choices I make, right or wrong in other people’s eyes, must ring true and be in line with my own personal integrity.
No judgment, just a deep acknowledgment that I can consciously choose the path I am to travel.
— Marcia

The Core Alignment™ Practice is the outward expression of the inward journey.  The understanding that as we integrate, from our source, the essence of who we are as a person, and then consciously align our daily life choices from that place of personal power, our perspective, intentions and outcomes shift. It is conscious choice in action.  Whether in a healing setting or in the simple, day-to-day activities of life, applying the Core Alignment Principles and infusing a Practice with that inner knowing of truth, creates the foundation for Inside-Out life expression.

Stepping fully into the embodiment of Truth, the path toward Mastery, must be made by each of us in our own individual time-frame and unique way.  Choosing this conscious choice path, honoring the call to higher realms of loving service and life, for the sole (soul) purpose of fulfilling that which is simply our best, most Core-Aligned route, once embodied, can easily become a keystone for our life.

Through a series of workshops, individual and group study programs Michelle can guide you, your group or organization in uncovering the underlying essence unique to your specific needs and desires, and the limitless options for expansion and expression.