Core Alignment™ Healing:

A Unique-to-the-Individual Healing Experience


Individual Core Alignment healing sessions are designed to meet the specific needs of the client in the Present Moment. Developed from the organic evolution of more than 25 years of study and practice, the Core Alignment work embodies the principles and practices of many disciplines without committing to any preconceived expectations of outcome. When the ‘best and most appropriate’ aspects of care are embraced for the individual needs of the client, deeper and more profound healing can occur and limitless possibilities for wellness envelop the moment.

The Core Alignment™ Practice is the outward expression of the inward journey.  It is conscious choice in action and implementation. Choosing to live a life aligned at its Core: is free of judgement of self and others; is compatible and congruent to balanced partnership; embraces all the faults and foibles of our humanness; is enveloped in a state of ongoing exploration and inquiry; inspires limitless levels of growth potential, personal and professional Mastery and joy.  It is the organic knowing within, embodying our greatest ‘Yes’ for life!

For many years I had clients, students and fellow practitioners asking me to describe what I was doing differently that was creating the powerful, tangible, variability of outcomes we were seeing. Like so many of my colleagues I have studied countless disciplines and techniques in Holistic Healing, Nutrition and Whole-Body Wellness. While reflecting on the possibilities before me (taking a ½ step back to re-center before moving forward) I realized it was not about what I was ‘doing’ with my clients (specific techniques or healing practices) but rather the state of ‘being’ (how we were showing up and being present in the session) that mattered most.

The Core Alignment Practice asks both client and practitioner to consider what’s possible in a healing session when we ‘take the labels off’ and see the innate healing potential of the body in a new and open way. It is not asking either the client or the practitioner to ignore their training, symptoms, or intentions for well-being; it is simply asking us not to be limited by an assumed mindset of options and perceived opportunities.

For the Practitioner

You give of yourself and you are willing to do what is right for my body, for my being. Your level of integrity far exceeds anyone else I have worked with. You are fearless in your approach and, as a consequence, are willing to really touch me, physically, emotionally and spiritually. You apply the principles by which you live your life into your work and you are able to impart much of that to me when we work together. With you, a session is an empowering, learning, life-changing experience.
— L.F.

When we come to the healing environment from a place of possibility; when we remain fully present in the present and connected to the mastery of our learned and practiced professional level of service; when we allow ourselves to ‘get out of the way’ of the true, Core level healing, blending our energies in a way that is mutually nurturing and beneficial; we naturally tap into ALL of the tools in our tool bag, the aspects of each technique or practice method most appropriate in the moment for that specific client.

For the client

If this principle resonates for you - The Core Alignment work opens the doors of healing potential and fully interconnected realms of potentiality; gives the innate wisdom of your body a chance to speak its truth to you and for you;  is an opportunity to let go of your symptoms, perhaps for a short time, perhaps forever; and allows the body to do what it is naturally designed to do - find its internal, organic state of balance (homeostasis). 

We are all on this human journey together - we have challenges and struggles, symptoms and concerns, hopes and dreams.  We are drawn to particular styles of healing work by our connections to people and internal desire for balance.  All of that is honored and respected in The Core Alignment process.  By coming together, blending our energies, and allowing the greater wisdom within us (our Core knowing or 4th Tone, Embodied essence – the Soul knowing) to guide the healing process we utilize the same foundational principles found in traditional medicine and healing practices throughout the world. From Shamanic and Native American Healers to Acupuncturists, Ayurvedic Practitioners and Chiropractors, The Core Alignment Practitioner brings ancient and trusted wisdom into the Universal Healing Field.  By implementing the foundational 4th Tone principles, the Core Alignment Practice weaves an interconnected web of understanding that can easily be implemented into any discipline or healing philosophy.

Core Alignment™ Practice Sessions can take many different forms:  often beginning with hands-on healing (utilizing tools and techniques from more than a dozen therapeutic massage and bodywork practices without adhering to any one specific technique) the client on the table remains fully clothed and is guided through the aspects of physical and emotional release being brought to the surface. 

Additional aspects of the Core Alignment process may include guided deep breathing, movement practices and re-patterning, nutritional or stress management coaching and at home recommendations.  Core Alignment Sessions can be done individually, however, as with many healing practices, result dynamics often build over time and multiple sessions can assist an individual in releasing long-held patterns of imbalance.

Core Alignment healing sessions are currently being offered on an out-call (home visit) basis, by appointment only.  Michelle serves her local Western & Central MA community as well as  Newton, MA, Martha’s Vineyard, Southern VT, Northeast OH and throughout Colorado. 

For current scheduling options, rates and availability, please contact Michelle directly.

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