Healing Sessions @ The Edge:

A Personalized Breakthrough Experience

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The 4th Tone Embodied is the place of glimpsing into our Core connections, then stepping away from that flash of truth, back into our humanness. It is the process of simultaneously building cellular memory and letting go of all attachment.
— Michelle A. Morin, from Blending Energy, Embracing Life

Designed for stepping over a threshold and through the veil, Core Alignment Sessions at The Edge are specifically tailored opportunities for clients to focus on one or two distinct challenges and spend an extended period pushing through blocked energy using the Core Alignment and 4th Tone principles.  

Edge Sessions are offered 1:1 with Michelle, generally lasting 24-48 hours – an interactive vision quest or mini-retreat for body-mind-spirit and soul remaining true to the Core Alignment principles, we enter an Edge process with a desired path and outcome intention, while remaining open to that which is most present and in need of processing to emerge.  What unfolds is often magical, surprising and nearly always transformational and life-changing for both client and practitioner.  

Edge Sessions allow the client to receive detailed and extended sessions of hands-on healing, coaching, energy clearing and nutritional support; they often include outdoor activities – hiking, meditation and a sweat lodge experience; and are only offered to clients who have previously worked with both the Core Alignment & 4th Tone Approaches and have a clear understanding of their principles and practices.

For more information, please contact Michelle directly.