Soul Reflections:

Spiritual Direction

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It is in the chords of truth, the intimate moments of recognizing our own souls’ connection to life, that we begin to experience the fullness of our journey.
— Michelle A. Morin, from Blending Energy, Embracing Life

A balanced life embraces all of our challenges and struggles, questions and concerns, gifts and graces with equal measure of internal inquiry or exploration and external knowledgeable action.

Soul Reflections is the Spiritual Direction aspect of the Core Alignment and 4th Tone work. Offering both small group activities and 1:1 Spiritual Direction, Soul Reflections is designed for an individual to open their awareness to new ideas and perspectives for living an integrity based, spiritual life.

Examples of Soul Reflection small group activities include: evening gatherings of guided meditations combined with creative activities; evening or weekend programs based on the writing of spiritual visionaries like Thomas Merton and Mother Teresa; outdoor activities - guided hikes and creative nature projects; and, when available, sweat lodge ceremonies and guided healing meditations.

Personal Spiritual Direction sessions are designed specifically to meet the individual needs and desires of the client.  Including, but not limited to: working with the 4th Tone Principles around Head, Heart, Center, Wholeness and Grace; tools and practices to increase an individual’s connection to the Source within; implementing principled practices into our day-to-day living (meditation, gratitude, journal writing, breath work, etc.); and the power of letting go – learning to surrender to our Core connection (that which binds ‘man the physical’ to ‘man the spiritual’) and how that expresses in daily living.

The Soul Reflection based Spiritual Direction is not attached to one specific religion or faith but rather acknowledges the interrelationships and universality of a grace-based life.

Soul Reflections sessions are available by phone or in-person, both with e-mail and text support systems.  Assessment of need is determined individually through a 30 minute complimentary phone interview.  

Soul Reflections sessions are a unique-to-the-individual journey within.  Our time together will likely include a combination of scheduled phone calls, follow-up and intermediary e-mail communication, ‘assigned’ works of self-reflection and opportunities to participate in upcoming Core Alignment and 4th Tone explorations. 

The journey of the Soul is a deep, inside-out exploration that can only be supported and occasionally guided, the true journey will always be done within.  As your Spiritual Director it is my role (and my honor) to hold the space for your own internal knowing and soul-based listening to emerge.  


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