A 4th Tone™ Perspective of The 4 Agreements

Utilizing the work of Don Miguel Ruiz as an applicable example for the 4th Tone principles

There is, within all things, a time and a season -- for birth, growth, discernment, integration and for quietness.  This opportunity to experience The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz from the Core Alignment™ / 4th Tone™ perspective gives its participants a new view of the life gifts and challenges that have brought them to their current reality and the tools to move through pivotal shifts, releasing incongruous patterns and belief systems, embracing a new, more aligned at the Core mindset for living.

The ancient Toltec wisdom of The 4 Agreements (Be Impeccable with Your Word; Don’t Make Assumptions; Don’t Take Things Personally; and Always Do Your Best) when fully explored from a Core Alignment / 4th Tone Perspective, quickly demonstrates the invaluable resource that these combined tools for transformation can be in our personal and professional lives.  Approaching the Agreements from the Inside-Out, genuine understanding of ourselves and our ways of be-ing in our life establishes a solid foundation of truth lived and truth expressed, removed from the Outside-In influences and pressures in our busy lives.

The 4th Tone™ Approach is for the Spiritual Pilgrim… yearning for experience and exploration, open to discovering their own voice among the many.
— Michelle A. Morin, from Blending Energy, Embracing Life

A 4th Tone Perspective of The 4 Agreements is a highly interactive program offered in both 1-day and weekend formats for groups of 6 or more.  The 1-day program will thoroughly explore the basic 4 Agreements and the Core understanding of the 4th Tone Approach.  Weekend programs will also include the 5th Agreement (Love) and the 4th Tone Embodied experiential journey and understanding. 

For available times, upcoming programs and current pricing, please contact Michelle.

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