The Core Alignment Practice (TCAP) for Healers:

Exploring, Integrating & Embodying The Core Alignment™ Principle (Levels I & II) 

The Core Alignment / 4th Tone work is for the healing practitioner who has answered the call, is doing the work of loving service, and still has a desire to learn, grow and evolve in their personal and professional life.
— Michelle A. Morin, from Blending Energy, Embracing Life

For a Holistic Healing Practitioner, integrating The Core Alignment™ Principle can be a pivotal shift of insight and energy into their practice.  At the source of our ability to know ourselves -- how we act, re-act, and approach our ordinary and exceptional moments lay our Core Truth, our soul-level desire and intention for being.  This inner knowing of ourselves, gifted to us and awakened at birth, is nourished and nurtured, challenged and tested, whittled away and bolstered up anew throughout our lives.  

The initial Core Alignment process is an internal inquiry loosely based on Oriah Mountain Dreamers work, The Call, exploring the premise that a single point of focus, innately a part of and integral to your life journey, is being offered to you by the Universe and you get to consciously choose whether or not to explore and embody this word as your offering to the Universal Field of consciousness.  The process for uncovering that word, that Truth of the Truth within is different for each of us, the outcome, the Truth Embodied, once realized, simply is.  When we get in touch with, understand, and embody that deep known truth within we Align our Source energy (Inside-In) with our world (Outside-In) and our interconnections and relationships with that world (Inside-Out).

Level I of TCAP for Healers is the process of uncovering that deep truth within, the initial journey of the soul truth with which we incarnate into our lives to express from our Core.  Level I also looks at the particulars of service, regardless of chosen discipline, when approached from this high level of clarity and consciousness.  

Level II takes the revelations of self, uncovered in Level I and asks the Global questions of Intention and Purpose from this place of standing strong, yet humanly vulnerable and open, connected to the soul truth within.  From the expression of the Truth of the Truth we organically shift internally and shift with conscious awareness externally in our practice from a state of seeing and doing to a higher state of be-ing.

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