The Pillar of Authenticity

Awakening & Empowering the ‘Real Me’

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I asked myself questions regarding my call to service and I found a fascinating internal process unfolding… (one word kept surfacing)
Alignment was and is the best expression of authenticity for both practitioner and client, the Source of the connection and the underlying essence of the healing process itself.
— Michelle A. Morin, from Blending Energy, Embracing Life

The journey to uncover, understand and implement fully who we are and what we are called to do with the gift of our life is one of the most empowering explorations we can undertake.  The processes of looking deeply into our beliefs, personal truths, perspectives, and unique aspects of our role on the planet are tools for lasting transformation and a shifted, more aligned mindset to be integrated into daily life from a place of genuine self-knowing.  

The Pillar of Authenticity is a guided discernment process, allowing an individual to discover for themselves the deepest calling for their life and/or to discern a specific question or unresolved decision.  A focused journey inward that seeks to uncover the one true point of focus into which your life has incarnated.  Based loosely on Oriah Mountain Dreamers work, The Call, we consider the possibility that our life is divinely directed to embody a specific intention for be-ing. Within that intention, if we take the time to uncover it clearly, lies the soul level freedom that opens doorways of understanding for what was previously unseen or unrecognized. 

Using life representation (pictures, thought, memories) from some of our most Pivotal Moments; applying Core Alignment™ and 4th Tone™ Principles to those moments; and uncovering the commonality and variability between the inference, event and outcome of those moments empowers us to see between the lines, into the essence, of our life’s unfolding.

The Pillar of Authenticity is offered in several formats: a full day Saturday, 1/2-day Sunday weekend program for groups of 4-20 people; a 6-week course that meets 1 evening per week for 2-3 hours per session; and as an individual coaching program with in-person, e-mail and video conferencing options. 

Prices and availability vary according to location. 

Please contact Michelle for current rates and available times.