The Essence Beneath the Expectation (Practitioner Level):

The Power of the In-Between Space (Level III)

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One of the most powerful personal and professional transformation tools associated with the Core Alignment™ and 4th Tone™ work is the concept of the In-Between Spaces (often compared to the Liminal Space).  The In-Between Spaces are the known aspects or underlying essence of the seemingly unknown bigger life questions that arise.  They are where the toughest choices, biggest challenges, and sweetest rewards reside.  The aspects of our internal process are simply asking us to trust, be in the stillness, listen to the inside-out self, and remain willing to risk everything for the sake of and promise of our souls’ journey and evolution.

There are many spiritual practices that speak of the concept of Liminality as a transformational prompt in life.  From the Latin word Limen, meaning threshold, the Liminal Space is the place of beginning, the time that exists between ‘what was’ and ‘what is yet to be’.  Author and Theologian Richard Rohr describe the Liminal Space as “where we are betwixt and between the familiar and the completely unknown. There alone is our old world left behind, while we are not yet sure of the new existence.”  

The Level I & II workshops (listed under general Workshop section) review the basic tenets of The 4th Tone™ Approach: 1st Tone (head -thinking & discerning); 2nd Tone (heart - passion & desire); 3rd Tone (center - knowing & intuition); and the confluences of those Tones, coming together, blending their energy and information into one congruent flow of self and world understanding (the 4th Tone).  They explore the Tone of the Tones: for example -- how a 1st Tone (thought inspired) understanding of something interacts, responds to and supports a 3rd Tone (gut knowing) in our decision-making processes.  As we begin to more fully understand the internal interrelationships of the Tones with each other we find ourselves flowing naturally and with greater levels of awareness and certainty into life’s challenges, often mitigating difficulties sooner and with ease, before they reach a tipping point.

True healing is a multi-dimensional experience of physicality, emotional history, mental perception, spiritual surrender and re-birth. Within the matrix of this interwoven tapestry lies an often overlooked piece of the puzzle embodied within the cellular structure.
— Michelle A. Morin, from Blending Energy, Embracing Life

When we reach the level of the 4th Tone of the 4th Tone we reach the place of Embodiment, where strong, vitalistic Cellular Memory is established and toxic, off-balance, self-destructive patterns and practices are re-aligned.  This soul-level realignment, the true Authentic place, most often occurs in the In-Between Space and although pathways toward self-awakening and empowerment vary, there are common attributes and characteristics common to all.

The Essence Beneath the Expectation is a workshop designed to open the pathway toward soul-level understanding of self and others; to offer a safe and sacred space to explore both the Stillness and the Perceived Chaos of the In-Between Spaces; and a stepping stone for whole-life transformation available to those who choose to step onto the Inside-Out explorative path.

The Essence Beneath the Expectation is offered in full weekend formats with three successive levels.  

Levels I & II are offered with an expedited content for Healing Practitioners looking to explore the fullness of the concepts in one complete session. Level I, setting the foundation; Level II, expanding upon that Core foundational structure and continuing the ideas forward into concepts and principles easily applicable and integrated into daily practice.

Level III is specifically designed for Healing Practitioners.  Offering each participant an opportunity to practice the tools and establish their own unique approach within the work; preparing them to facilitate, guide and coach their practice members through a healing threshold, re-tracing/body memory release and health challenges in a way that elicits physical, emotional, mental and soul-level Core change.

Levels I & II for practice members and the general public can be taken separately or together. Level III for Practitioners only can be taken once Levels I & II are completed, or in the optional, expedited form.

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