The 4th Tone™ Approach to Life & Healing

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The 4th Tone™ Approach is a philosophy and practice system that integrates the instinctual knowing of head, heart and center together into a blended, balanced understanding of our inside-out understanding of ourselves at the highest levels.  It is the road-map to The Core Alignment™ Principle, the structural foundation into which our one of a kind, unique to the individual characteristics are plugged.  The underlying essence of things that embodies the blending of energy itself, the construct into which both our most empowering and our most challenging conversations are implanted.  It is the expression of a common viewing point between two or more opposing ideas or principles, Universal Law coming together in practical application.

When we explore the genuine aspects of our individual approach to life we uncover the roots of our indwelling wisdom (our innate role) and how that foundation has been shifted or supported by our mindset and perspective. It is an experience of authenticity unparalleled and unmistakably pure in its expression.  And is the basis for a heightened internal clarity that, once learned and embodied, never recedes. 

A clear understanding of The 4th Tone Approach can be attained by asking yourself a few simple questions:

What would your life look like…if you were to take into account all of your wisdom, that which was formally taught to you, the culmination of your life experiences (your 1st Tone)

What would it feel like…to bring that wisdom and knowing together with your heart’s desire, embracing all of your passion and purpose, heartache and fear (your 2nd Tone)

How would it be… if you were fully present in your day, connected with flow and ease, purposeful in your gut knowing of who you are and where your life is intended to go (your 3rd Tone)

A true 4th Tone™ response to life’s day-to-day moments is Present, Calm, Intensely Simple and Honest. It is removed from the rules and regulations perceived from an outside-in, limited scope of life. It has a natural, innate sense of inner peace that emanates from the soul to the world.
— Michelle A. Morin, from Blending Energy, Embracing Life

What is the potentiality of what might unfold when…all that you have learned, all that you have loved, and all that you have known are intertwined and blended with perfect balance into a confluence of pure authenticity (your 4th Tone). 

And finally, What is the potential of YOU and your life’s journey…when the Truth of your Truth is known and not questioned; when you honor the innate, internal, congruent place that is your birthright; when you fully embrace your humanness and have compassion, empathy and grace for the humanness of others; and when you are willing and able to sit quietly in the pauses between the motion and listen to the internal voice of your Soul (your 4th Tone Embodied).

This is the challenge, the invitation and the blessing of taking a 4th Tone™ Approach to life and healing.