Powerful Practices

The 5 C’s Principle for Personal & Professional Sustainability

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On our human path of exploration and integration we can simultaneously be our best and worst selves, yet innately, at our Core, we are always in a state of balance and wholeness.
— Michelle A. Morin, from Blending Energy, Embracing Life

If the 4th Tone™ Approach is the GPS system for understanding The Core Alignment™ Principle and the deep internal workings of our human processes, the 5 C’s are the underlying structure into which those GPS co-ordinates are plugged.  An opportunity to acknowledge and embrace the fullness of what our life brings to the world.  Celebrating the authentic self and the empowered feeling of wholeness that comes when we honor the potentiality of our dreams through commitment and the creation of a sustainable foundation upon which those dreams can develop.

The Powerful Practices workshop reviews the fundamentals of The Core Alignment Principle and The 4th Tone Approach, expanding the foundation of those tools into a concrete, applicable discernment process for self-awareness, business & human resource development or organizational structuring.  

The 5 C’s design allows individuals to more fully understand how they think, feel and approach aspects of their personal and professional lives; as well as practical ways to ease into greater awareness of when and how their perspectives and tendencies might block growth and productivity.  Through this exploration process we examine individual sustainability and growth practices and the interrelationships of those mindset perspectives and ensuing practices on the organizational whole.

Powerful Practices is offered in 1-day and 2-day formats, for groups of 6 or more in individual, small business or holistic practice specific programs. 

Please contact Michelle for current options and availability.