Holistic Practitioner Life & Practice Coaching:

Practical Tools for a Successful Re-Launch

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Mastery is the practice and embodiment of our chosen area of expertise well as the principle of ‘not getting in the way’ of our path when that Mastery is trying to bubble up.
— Michelle A. Morin, from Blending Energy, Embracing Life

The Practitioner Life & Practice Coaching Program is a combination of powerful tools and practices with a healer’s perspective in mind, to assist you in aligning your personal and professional life; a chance to ‘Live the Mission Trip Every Day’. 

An integrated, professional coaching relationship is designed to be the mirror to the deep truth of our actions and intentions.  As a discovery and accountability platform, extending intentional energy with the highest integrity; an opportunity to celebrate personal and practice milestones, expansion, newly implemented employee or client programs, increased productivity and pro-active success strategies; as well as a chance to create a new foundation and influx of overall balance. No matter your discipline of choice, the ways in which you practice or the mentoring, coaching and practice management systems you may have previously integrated, the Core Alignment / 4th Tone Approach is applicable and easily blended into the matrix of your life and practice.

The Core Alignment™ / 4th Tone™ Approach Coaching Program uses tools from all aspects of the work:  conflict resolution and communication ideas based on the deep knowing of self, role, and intention for the action or decision in question (a Core Alignment understanding); developing a clear relationship with your purpose and mission using the 5 C’s Process (Clarity, Courage, Commitment, Congruence and Consciousness) for garnering a true understanding of your personal approaches to living; the implementation of healthy, sustainable practices,  aligned with your highest intentions yet grounded and connected to the particulars of your day-to-day reality (Mastery & The Warrior Spirit); and the increased awareness of the individual and collective mission and purpose, while actively mitigating any micro-agendas and re-aligning the core aspects of the practice into a congruent, confluence of energy, intention with both top-down & bottom-up support systems.

Assessment of need and the particulars for individual vs. group coaching sessions is determined on a case by case basis following a brief phone intake and e-mail questionnaire.  There are also 1-day, 2-day or 4-6 (1 per week) group (practice / employee) options available per request. 

Please contact Michelle directly with any questions.