Core Alignment Personal & Professional Coaching:

An Opportunity to Embody Deep Change 

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It is the deep insight following true hindsight which feeds and nurtures the evolution of our Golden Moments, shifting them from gut knowing to a place of embodied truth.
— Michelle A. Morin, from Blending Energy, Embracing Life

If you are a person called to live more congruently connected to life, the Core Alignment / 4th Tone Approach Coaching Program can be an invaluable addition to your toolbox.  Whether learning to deal with internal and inter-relationship conflicts; discerning life-changing decisions and times of transition; exploring personal and family challenges; or simply, and perhaps most importantly, desiring to learn more about yourself, your unique role in this lifetime, and if, how and when you are inhibiting your own growth and productivity through your thoughts, feelings, words or actions; a Core Alignment / 4th Tone Approach to coaching can empower your unique-to-the-individual intentions, goals and desires for Core level growth and change.

Personal and professional coaching is an opportunity to have a point of focus implemented where you need it most while remaining open to all realms of possibility and promise for your future.  A coaching relationship is the mirror to the truth of your actions and intentions; a discovery and accountability platform for building self-esteem, self-reliance and personal (self-reflective) integrity; and an opportunity to celebrate both large and small victories along your path of awakening the higher purpose for life.  The Core Alignment / 4th Tone Approach Coaching Program is a 1:1, on-going, personally designed workshop - dealing with life, work and relationship challenges; goal development and future-pacing intentions; honoring the present moment while setting a foundation of Inside-Out truth for a sustainable future.

Our coaching relationship utilizes foundational tools from all aspects of the Core Alignment & 4th Tone work:  conflict resolution and communication ideas based on the deep knowing of self, role, and intention for the action or decision in question (a Core Alignment understanding); developing a clear relationship with your purpose and mission using the 5 C’s Process (Clarity, Courage, Commitment, Congruence and Consciousness) garnering a true understanding of your personal approaches to living; the implementation of healthy, sustainable practices,  aligned with your highest intentions yet grounded and connected to the particulars of your day-to-day reality; and the increased awareness and connection to living and working within a balanced internal structure.

Assessment of need is determined individually through a complimentary phone interview (an opportunity for both potential client and coach to sense applicability and fit) and a brief e-mail questionnaire.  

Life Coaching sessions begin with an extended call to clarify goals and begin building rapport (generally 60-90 minutes in length).  Follow-up calls, e-mails and text communications are determined according to need.  

Please contact Michelle directly regarding availability, current pricing, to receive your e-mail questionnaire and book your complimentary phone interview.  

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