Blending Energy, Embracing Life (a Combined Workshop)

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A comprehensive, combined workshop designed to assist an individual or group endeavor in moving powerfully and effectively forward in an integrated, balanced way.  Blending Energy, Embracing Life is an experiential journey through the Core transformation tools of this work (The Core Alignment Principle, The 4th Tone Approach, The 5 C’s Concept and Sustainable Practices) allowing each participant ample time for one-on-one connections, self-reflection and small group interactions to establish concrete, cellular memory and integration of the presented content.

The 4th Tone aspect of this workshop looks at the ways in which we express: our thoughts and ideas (our 1st Tone); our passion, desire and deep emotional connections (our 2nd Tone); our gut knowing and innate understanding of truth and integrity (our 3rd Tone); and how those pieces come together, knowingly and unknowingly in our daily lives (our 4th Tone).  This foundational concept frees the mind, emotions and truth within us, creating space and opportunity for personal expansion and future-pacing ideas from a solid, balanced state of genuine self-understanding.

Establishing the interconnection of Truth to Soul and Soul to Universe as a foundational structure creates a baseline of known energy and information, thus giving the voice of the soul the freedom to emerge and speak.
— Michelle A. Morin, from Blending Energy, Embracing Life

The 5 C’s aspect allows an individual to more deeply resonate with the essence of how they think, feel and approach their personal and professional lives, as well as options to increase awareness of when and how their perspectives and mindset tendencies may block growth and productivity.  A streamlined, easily understood and assimilated process, the 5 C’s pushes the ‘aha’ buttons of our understanding, catapulting us beyond our obvious and hidden self-blocking practices.

Through this exploration process we examine our individual mindset (what we think and how we show up) sustainability and growth practices (what we dream about and envision as possible) and the interrelationships of those mindset perspectives and ensuing practices on the organizational whole.

The comprehensive, combined program offers a unique opportunity to immerse yourself, your group or organization into the essence of the work, release old, outdated approaches to conflict, and step away with clear agendas and fresh perspectives for moving forward.

Blending Energy, Embracing Life is offered in 3 full-day or 2 consecutive weekend (Saturday full day and Sunday half-day) options as well as 4 or 7 day yearly intensives. 

For current individual programs, questions regarding setting up a program for your company, or any other inquiries regarding Blending Energy, Embracing Life please contact Michelle.