Mastery & The Warrior Spirit

Moving Beyond Fight, Flee & Freeze into the Flow of Ease

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Mastery is the practice and embodiment of our personal understanding of ourselves and/or our chosen area of expertise as well as the principle of not getting in the way.  The seeking of the Truth beneath the truth; of a higher, more aligned purpose, and the unfolding of that truth from the Inside-Out.  

There is a natural progression that occurs on the path to Mastery if we are fortunate enough to find the deep connection between our internal knowing and external expression.  With this innate blending, the tasks we have learned shift into a more connected, congruent-within place of vocation.  This is where our deepest ‘Yes!’ resides.  This authentic stillness within is the path of Mastery.

In this workshop we’ll explore our journeys through life and the possibility for stepping onto the path of Mastery from the empowered sense that comes from standing boldly in your truth in a whole-body aligned, Core place of knowing.  Working with the essence of the Warrior Spirit (a desire to achieve a higher level of personal mastery; the willingness to step outside of our comfort zone; consciously choosing to stretch ourselves, reaching and growing toward and through what frightens us) we tap into and awaken more fully the masterful spirit of the warrior within us and how that Warrior Spirit and path toward Mastery effects our entire state of being.

Mastery & The Warrior Spirit is offered in a 2 full day format with a Friday evening, Saturday all day and Sunday half-day option; or a full day Saturday, full day Sunday option. 

For upcoming programs or to schedule a workshop in your area, please contact Michelle.

Mastery is neither a destination to be reached or an accomplishment to be achieved.
Mastery is the beginning of the beginning.
A place where the Inside-Out Truth and 4th Tone knowing are the impetus for every breath, thought and action we choose.
Mastery is the seed of deep truth within us being awakened and set free; empowered to speak; and embodied by the fullness of our cosmically-human nature.
Mastery, by its very essence, is timeless; beyond all limitation and boundary; and ever-explorative of the unlimited potentiality of be-ing.
— Michelle A. Morin, from Blending Energy, Embracing Life