Planting Seeds of Hope & Possibility

Give up what you have been doing and go completely toward the path of your heart.
— R. Buckminster Fuller

There are many blessings that come into our lives, some for a short duration, some that stand the test of time. For the past 30+ years it has been my honor to share intentions of Hope, Love & Possibility with my Global Family through the gift of PEACEMARKS™.

Begun in 1984 as a small collection of hand written bookmarks with seasonally gathered pressed leaves and flowers celebrating thoughts and quotes of inspiration. Evolving over time, PEACEMARKS are now designed on the computer and the pressed flowers have been replaced by photos from my personal collection. Each PEACEMARK is still made by me, still represents thoughts, ideas and a love of words I have carried close to my heart since I was a child, all with the same intention - to Embody a Pause, a Moment of Peace, a Breath of Hope & Possibility for a better world.

In the early days, PEACEMARKS™ were given to close friends, at workshops I attended, through my healing practice, and to friends and family who were traveling or interested in sharing the Love.

Worldwide distribution of PEACEMARKS began in 1987.

Autumn 2017 marked the 30th Anniversary of a simple, inspired idea for a more peaceful world brought to life. In those 30 years more than 10,000 PEACEMARKS have traveled to 24+ countries (that I am aware of) and countless, loving, beauty-inspired notes, letters and e-mails have found their way back to me from around the world.

Many changes have occurred to PEACEMARKS™ over the years yet one thing has remained true to the original vision, an initial distribution of PEACEMARKS is given Free of Charge, to anyone who feels called to share them on their journey through life.

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