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The 4th Tone™ Experience

Integrating Head, Heart & Center for an Extraordinary Life

Through our internal understanding of ourselves, our ability to be present in our lives, and the perspectives we gain through the insight and experience of what is appropriate for us as individuals, we establish a foundation of Truth that is uniquely ours.
— Michelle A. Morin, from Blending Energy, Embracing Life

The 4th Tone™ Approach is an evolutionary model for personal and professional growth; an integral tool for knowing the self and our innate ways of be-ing in our environment (mind-heart-knowing-energy); an in-depth understanding of the blending that occurs between genetics and epigenetics (what we embody from birth and the ways in which our past, present and potential future understanding of ourselves directs the Source within us); and the most effective ways to honor the confluence of that energy expression from a 4th Tone (soul-aligned) perspective.  

Uninhibited energy moving from and through the body-mind-spirit & soul is a representation of our essence, the Core or Source of our knowing and the embodied ways in which we bring that knowing into our thoughts, desires and actions.

The 4th Tone Experience workshop is an opportunity to connect with all aspects of The 4th Tone™ Approach to health & living.  An exploration of thoughts and ideas (our 1st Tone); passion, desire and the deepest human emotional connections (our 2nd Tone); gut knowing and innate understanding of truth and integrity (our 3rd Tone); and the ways in which those pieces come together, knowingly and unknowingly in our daily lives (our 4th Tone).

The 4th Tone Experience is offered in 1 day, 1.5 day, and 4-segment/evening formats. 

Prices and availability vary according to location and group size. 

Please contact Michelle for further information.