Is it time for you to up your game & create a more centrally aligned, empowered practice?

Are you ready to fully connect with and express your Innate knowing and Personal Truth?

Would you like to bring new flows of energy and information into your practice without altering your tried and true ‘technique’?

The Core Alignment / 4th Tone journey is about enhancing the YOU that serves, bringing forth greater levels of Clarity, Courage, Commitment, Consciousness & Congruence — creating a Joyful day-to-day practice!!

Michelle...Thanks so much for serving me the final morning of the Cell-F Center... in your work I sensed not only a structural, but also a deep Metaphysical Alignment and that was what DD talked about...I felt a definite connection with are an ‘old soul’ and I have known you before.
— In the Spirit, Bob MacEwan, DC
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Student / 1st Year Practitioner Mentoring: An Experienced Assist for the Budding Practice

Intention: To assist Holistic Healing practice Students & New Practitioners in creating & implementing a balanced, future-paced foundation for a joy-filled, successful practice.

Practice: A Core Alignment / 4th Tone Embodied approach to sustainable, lasting change — utilizing in-person, e-mail, phone, text and webinar services for the individual needs of the practice and practitioner.


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Holistic Practitioner Life & Practice Coaching: Practical Tools for a Successful Re-Launch

Intention: To assist established practitioners seeking an energetic re-boot and a cutting-edge, innovative approach to conflict resolution, personal growth and sustainability.

Practice: A blending of nearly 30 years of healing practice experience with 35 years of conflict resolution and inter-personal relationship training — focusing on the universally applicable practices of Aikido, Core Alignment and The 4th Tone Approach.


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The Essence Beneath the Expectation (Practitioner Level): The Power of the In-Between Space

Intention: To explore the Truth residing beneath and between the words and acts of service; the cellular memory and hidden understanding inherent in the body-mind-spirit complex during the healing process.

Practice: A down-to-the-marrow exploration of The 4th Tone Approach via personal reflection, 1:1 and small group interaction; exercises for getting to the Truth of the Truth; an extended, detailed delve into the often subtle intricacies of re-tracing and re-patterning with an emphasis on Body-Mind Centering Practices.



The Core Alignment Practice (TCAP) for Healers: Exploring, Integrating & Embodying the Core Alignment Principle

Intention: To assist practitioners in establishing a strong, integrated, applicable tool-set of Core Alignment & 4th Tone Principles & Practices; shifting often challenging day-to-day operations from a state of Fight, Flight or Freeze into one of Flow and Ease.

Practice: Exploring and embodying the Core Alignment ideals from simple to comprehensive via personal introspection; 1:1 and small group interactions; real-life client challenges and universally applicable approaches for sustainable growth on all levels (personal, inter-office and client based).


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Sitting in the Synapse: The subtle nuances of observation and touch from an integrated Body-Mind™ Centering / Core Alignment™ perspective

Intention: To provide a foundation of information to the practitioner for the implementation of Core Alignment and Body-Mind Centering principles in service and practice.

Practice: A highly experiential and interactive program including personal exploration, 1:1 and small group facilitated practices and the opportunity for participants to develop practice specific options for the work.


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Embodied Awareness of the Central Tendon: An Inside-Out, Experiential Journey of Breath, Intention & Touch

Intention: To bring greater awareness into the subtleties of internal core strengthening via the process of Double-Diaphragm Breathing and the mindful exploration of the Central Tendon.

Practice: A workshop specifically designed for the hands-on practitioner exploring the BMC understanding of Double-Diaphragm Breathing with an emphasis on practical applications for Core Alignment & strengthening during a hands-on session.

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