Embodied Awareness of the Central Tendon:

An Experiential Journey of Breath, Intention & Touch Through the Spine

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This workshop explores the intricacies in structure and practice of the Body-Mind Centering concept of Double-Diaphragm Thoracic & Pelvic) Breathing and the Core Alignment expansion of that principle into Inside-Out, Core stabilization via the awareness and assimilation of the Central Tendon. Embodiment of these principles and practices create a powerful dynamic of cellular level change that embraces key aspects of many systems in the body while maintaining the integrity of the chosen practice method of the Practitioner.

By working specifically with expanding the awareness and active engagement of the Crura, we can create an internal level of balance and strengthening that supercedes the limitations often created when a limited scope or outside-in only (muscular, fascial, structural, etc) process is utilized. A Vertical expression of breath movement and cellular consciousness vs. a more traditionally accepted (Horizontal / pressure based) understanding of the expansion and assimilation of the breath.

The true nature of the Healer is to present observations, options, and a genuine perspective embodying their experience; allowing the practice member to choose whether or not to integrate and utilize that insight or discard the unneeded and unnecessary in order to evolve at their own rate, in accordance with their life path.
— Michelle A. Morin, from Blending Energy, Embracing Life

The workshop also introduces hands-on, practical applications for both Practitioner and Practice Member of the structural, soft-tissue and organ effects of a more engaged and aware Central Tendon — giving each workshop participant the information and tools needed to directly apply this to their practice (including the role of Double-Diaphragm Breathing in the adjustment; the myo-fascial process; and as a follow-up or patient education tool, particularly for those with chronic spinal imbalances from mid-dorsal to coccyx).

Wherein repeated imbalances or unintentional stresses on the system create dysfunction – implementation of proper practice and health revitalizing breathing practices can bring renewed health and stability to previously stressed lower thoracic problems. Proper integration of this breathwork can have a significant repairative effect on imbalances in upper digestive issues (such as hiatal hernia, pancreatic stress, liver flaccidity), as well as structural and spinal issues (particularly dorsal curvature, disc degeneration and stenosis).

Embodied Awareness of the Central Tendon is specifically designed for the Holistic Hands-On Practitioner (particularly the Chiropractor, Physical Therapist, Massage Therapist / Bodyworker, Neuro-Muscular Practitioner, etc)

A separate Double-Diaphragm Breathing for the Patient program is available by request for practice member groups of 6 or more.

For further information on either of these programs, please contact Michelle.