Mission of Light

Loving Service for the World

Mission of Light 2004 – 2006

An amazing journey that you are on Michelle! I join you with great passion in the intoxicating and sacred dance of life.
— Love, Peace & Light to you, Terese Dube, SASV

My Mission of Light trips to Calcutta, India and throughout Northeastern Brazil have shown me, first hand, the Universality, gifts and graces that freely unfold as a result of service offered purely with Love. The positive difference each of us is able to make in our world simply by showing up, fully present, open to possibility, and willing to do the work needed and necessary to hold the space for miracles to unfold.

There is a Mission Trip phenomenon seldom spoken about that has become deeply ingrained in my life ever since I began doing hands-on healing work in a mission setting - the moment you say ‘Yes’ to the Mission, the moment you commit your heart and your spirit to going, the Mission Trip begins!

In that ‘Yes’ lies a deep threaded connection between the inner knowing and the outward expression of the action that comes from your Soul. Not just experiencing that ‘Yes’ but also learning to tap into the cellular memory of the magical moments it embodies creates a core-shifting perspective and preciousness in daily life.

As I await the Inside-Out inspiration and knowing that it is once again my time to serve on a mission trip to the larger world, I am thrilled to offer Mission of Light Presentations - slide shows, stories and intentions of Love to keep the energy flowing and the candle lit.

Mission of Light Presentations

Current Mission of Light Presentation Topics:

#1 - Embodying the Courage to Lean In and Step Up: A personal reflection and invitation for each of us, as human be-ings on this life journey together, to embrace the deep soul love of selfless service.

#2 - Feeding Our Soul: Examples & personal reflections of Mission of Light moments that leave soul level impressions, forever altering our understanding of ourselves and our role in humanity and invitations for us all to begin embracing soul changing moments in our day-to-day lives.

Mission of Light Presentations are offered in group formats; as stand-alone lecture style presentations or a combination of large group and small group (interactive) presentations.


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