Sitting in the Synapse:

The Subtle Nuances of Observation and Touch from an Integrated Body-Mind℠ Centering / Core Alignment™ Perspective

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The Core Alignment™ Principle & Practice is based on the concept of connecting to our deepest inner knowing, releasing all attachment to training, procedure and outcome, in order to allow the unspoken truth that is fully Present in the Present moment to emerge and lead the directionality of the work.  This principle is innately within us, often disguised or suppressed through our life challenges and educational processes.

When we learn to explore the fullness of another’s teachings through the lens and the internal knowing of our own life path, the emerging principles and practices are brought to a deeper level of ownership and integration.
— Michelle A. Morin, from Blending Energy, Embracing Life

The Body-Mind℠ Centering approach to healing and service is an experiential journey of understanding and relationship between practitioner and client, wherein the physical ‘reality’ of the work is understood and embodied via the interconnected ‘language’ between the words and beyond the mental observations.  In essence, a Core-Aligned / 4th Tone understanding of self, other, blending and evolution.

In this workshop we explore some of the basic principles and practices of both Body-Mind Centering and The Core Alignment Practice, their individual understanding of themselves, and the ease in which they blend and overlap, supporting each other while offering new insights into the Inside-In and Inside-Out journey of the healing practitioner.

Sitting in the Synapse is offered in 1-day and weekend formats as well as in an on-going ‘study’ and exploration process. 

For local programs or to schedule a workshop please contact Michelle.