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Windstar Valley

Windstar Valley

You do not belong to you.
You belong to the Universe.
You may rest assured that if you devote your time and attention to the highest advantage of others, Universe will support you.
— R. Buckminster Fuller

For nearly ten years, in my late teens and twenties, I was blessed to be a part of The Windstar Foundation in Snowmass, Colorado.  Co-founded by John Denver and Thomas Crum, Windstar was a catalyst for putting conscious choice and change into action.  It was a visionary time with an amazing, diverse group of people who planted seeds in my heart that have re-defined themselves over time but have never lost their source intention – to be a lynch-pin for knowledgeable action; to live a sustainable life in alignment with my integrity; and to choose daily a way of be-ing that can make a difference. 

The world often feels more fragmented and challenging than it did back then, but my belief in humanity and the potentiality for living a life of balance never falters.

The Core Alignment Principle and The 4th Tone Approach to living are Inside-Out, how-to expressions that look not at the particulars of doing but rather at the intricacies of Be-ing. The Teaching and Healing Center, Solstice Light is a key piece of implementing that vision - a dream of possibility, of embracing the magnificence and simplicity of a Core Alignment / 4th Tone life on a daily basis – an opportunity to ‘bring the Mission Trip home.’ 

Solstice Light continues to search for a geographic location in alignment with its Core values and principles - an experiment in livingry, a proving ground to begin cycles of transformation and sustainability on individual, business and community levels – global evolution, one person at a time.  

For updates on our progress, or to participate in the development of The Solstice Light Experiment, please contact Michelle.