Are you looking for a natural healthcare option embracing the innate healing potential in your body, mind, spirit and soul?

Have you become frustrated with limitations, plateaus and repetitive challenges on your path to wellness?

Is it time for you to try a new approach to your overall healing journey?

A connected, purposeful, pain-free life is available to you! 

Michelle is able to tap into the subtle energy blockages within the body and releases them in a gentle honoring way.
She has a gift that is making an impact on the lives of all those she touches.
— Dr. PG

Hands-on Holistic Healing Sessions are an opportunity:

  • to design a unique healing experience based on your specific health and wellness needs

  • to break thru long-held patterns and belief systems that interfere with your health

  • to be more present, more awake and more aware of your body and its abilities

  • to work toward mitigating cycles of pain, trauma and dis-ease in your system

  • to consciously choose a new way of be-ing in your life


Core Alignment™ Healing: A Unique-to-the-Individual Healing Experience

Intention: To meet the individual, present moment needs of the client and promote long-term health and wellness.

Practice: Hands-on healing sessions based on the principles from a myriad of disciplines and practices garnered from nearly 30 years experience.


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Healing Sessions @ the Edge: A Personalized Breakthrough Experience

Intention: To create personal programs that facilitate deep healing, integrate centered perspectives and honor transformational life moments in a sacred way.

Practice: A combination of hands-on healing work, personal coaching and spiritual direction, specifically designed to assist a person in breaking through a healing threshold or personal life challenge.



A 4th Tone™ Approach to Energy Healing: Embracing the Golden Moments of Healing

Intention: To provide a safe, sacred space for deep physical, emotional and spiritual healing to unfold.
Practice: 4th Tone Energy Healing work is a combination of soft, hands-on work; energetic, off the body connections to the Universal Field; and guided Breath and Release techniques.


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Core Alignment Personal & Professional Coaching: An Opportunity to Embody Deep Change

Intention: To assist with, guide and develop tools for personal and/or professional growth and development utilizing the Core Alignment Principles and The 4th Tone Approach Practices.

Practice: Using powerful tools & practices for deep shifts in mindset, perspective and intention for being. A vital adjunct to lasting change, catapulting a life-path powerfully forward.


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Soul Reflections: Spiritual Direction

Intention: To learn to sit with the myriad challenges and graces of life. To listen deeply to our internal guidance, develop judgment free, open-hearted options, and move forward with balance.

Practice: An opportunity to explore the depths of the inner life, bringing concerns to light in a safe, supported environment of guided conversation, meditation and prayerful consideration.

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